Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Digitally altered photograph of the Santa Inez Chapel in Puerta de Luna, New Mexico
Natural photograph of Santa Inez Chapel in Puerta de Luna, New Mexico

Today is Easter and the wind is howling. What's amusing is that it actually makes me feel at home way up here in Missouri.

New Mexico springs are not polite. The wind reminds me of an old woman with a new broom sweeping the house clean on Saturday for company on old woman mad at an old man...

I can remember walking to school or to town and the warm spring New Mexico wind whipping stinging sand across my legs. Heaven help you if a dust devil crossed your path.

I vividly remember sitting in my fathers cafe and watching the wind roll huge tumble weeds town Sunshine Hill. The force of the gale would wedge them under automobiles in the parking lot.

Easter in New Mexico is seldom church hat friendly. Barbecues are a struggle, egg hunts are completed swiftly and the multitude of relatives are usually crowed into your kitchen because the lawn chairs blew away before the food could be served.

Still, its encouraging to know that the beautiful New Mexico summr days are on thier way. So we chase paper plates across the back yard and look forward with joy.