Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A touching gesture by a wonderful artist.

Santuario de Chimayo

I recently discovered a fantastic artist named Frank Ordaz who posts a blog called "On Being Frank". One of the many things you will find on his blog is his Christan themed artwork for which, in my opinion, he is the best you'll ever see. He has a true gift for taking passages from scripture and rendering a painting that not only stays true to the written word but makes an instant connection that seems to erase the centuries between the inception and this present day.

When you look at his figures, read the expressions on their faces you could almost swear that you passed that man or woman on the street this very morning. They are believable, not literature but real humans with the same limitations as you and I.

Really - check it out and see if I've exaggerated one bit - I haven't.

So what does all of this have to do with New Mexico? Well Frank has roots that sprang from New Mexico and recently he has posted a few pieces that reflect that. In addition he has been kind enough to post a link to this blog for those seeking more of the New Mexico flavor.

In keeping with this I am posting two of my favorite photos from our 2007 trip. The first is a view of The Santuario de Chimayo (follow this link to a wonderful article written by E.A. VanderPutten) and the one I have below is a great view of the wall and gate around the courtyard of the church.
God Bless you all dear readers and again, thank you Frank -

P.S. Check out New Mexico artist Dee Sanchez's blog to see her interpetation of this photo -